Amy Fletcher

Amy Fletcher died one day after her 36th birthday from Triple Negative Metastatic Breast Cancer. Amy was a thriver, an Amazing Girlfriend, the best daughter, and the most wonderful friend anyone could ever have. Amy made us promise to talk to her and we continue to everyday!

No matter what was going on in Amy’s life, she took it in stride. Cancer was the same thing. If you asked her how she was, she would say, “I’m okay!” “This was the cards I was dealt with!” 

Amy loved animals, especially horses and dogs. Her fur babies (Bailey and Maxwell) and her boyfriend Josh were her life. Since she has passed both Bailey and Maxwell couldn’t live without her and are now with her in heaven!

Amy was the best daughter, always finding time for her parents no matter how busy her life got. As she was growing up, she enjoyed Disney trips, riding horses, and Christmas Eve with her mom, when they spent time together making homemade cinnamon rolls.  

Amy was the friend everyone wants and needs in their life. There was nothing she wouldn’t do for any of her friends both personally or professionally. Everyone loved her immediately when they met her. She had the heart of gold. Amy loved traveling with Josh and her friends the most. She looked forward to a new adventure and was up for anything! From zip lining across the falls of Niagara, to jumping in Caribbean glowing water in the dark, Amy was in FIRST! Amy loved watching sunsets on the beach holding hands with Josh, and I am sure she is in heaven watching a gorgeous tropical sunset every day.  

Amy wanted to be remembered as a thriver. Five years of thriving before her time came to meet the Lord with whom she loved so dearly. We weren’t ready, but he was ready for her.  

Amy is missed each and every day, and we all will honor her memory by continuing to support and help other people living with MBC.

Pittsburgh Metsquerade was near and dear to Amy’s heart. She couldn’t wait to wear her dress to the Gala. She was laid out in her gown so that she didn’t miss out on the event she so desperately wanted to attend! This is for you, Amy.