Pittsburgh Metsquerade

Metastatic Breast Cancer Fundraising Gala

The Pittsburgh Metsquerade is a fundraiser for METAvivor, a non-profit organization that uses 100% of donations for metastatic breast cancer research. Thanks to your generosity in 2022, we collectively raised over $250,000 to fund potentially life-saving research for metastatic breast cancer treatment. Pittsburgh Metsquerade presented a METAvivor Advisors Research Award and a Translational Research Award in honor of members who died of MBC during event planning: Jill Griffin, Andrea Dimond, Lori Czyzewski, Sophia Holland, Amy Fletcher, Bindy Koontz, Roberta Thomas Szpara and Laura Williams. 

Join us for Metsquerade 2024!

Saturday, April 20, 2024 5pm – 10pm

See photos from the 2022 Metsquerade.

All Proceeds Benefit Metavivor

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